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Many consumers thrive at telling the difference between products/services out of the research they conduct beforehand. In the old print days, most of them waited with bated breath for consumer information from the renowned Consumer Report magazine. It helped them stay up to date about cutting edge technology, new products and consumer information they needed to make informed decisions about where they spend money. The magazine also protected them a great deal from elements of mediocrity affecting them.

On the Internet however, things are quite different considering that the consumer report magazine is not as popular as one can expect. Expert and customer reviews lead the consumer with regards to giving consumers the information they need.

It is worth noting that there are a few e-commerce sectors/industries that don’t offer their consumers the opportunity to see reviews. The most common one is the essay writing industry. Most of those buying essays online have to get reviews elsewhere to make their minds on where they should buy their papers.

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Students buying essays online

Students buy essays online because they have no time to write them on their own. Because of this, most of them end up with less information about different service providers, a situation that is liable for the opening of the can of worms that depicts the dark side of reviews drought. To navigate the market with ease, students must establish a culture of going through customer reviews at all times to ensure that they are informed about different offers, companies, and services.

Why review essay writing companies

The main motivator for starting this website was to protect the student from rogue service providers. This is because despite there being hundreds of custom essay writing companies, only a few of them have the capacity to get the work done.

How it works regularly asks its users, most of whom have used essay writing services in the past to share their feedback on the website. When they do, our team uses the information they provide to come up with a list of top service providers. Our users are free to rely on the reviews to come up with a service they are interested in based on their trust.

In addition, also sends some of its experts to research different service providers. As a result, they are able to come up with a summary for each service to enable consumers to make up their minds.